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When the Moon Whispers (First & Second Chronicle) is LIVE! April 8, 2022



Cover to the First Chronicle

for wordpress Feb 15 2023 Digital Front Cover 2nd Chronicle BOOK EIGHT

Ageless, changeless Athene finally deems her child ready to fight for the future of humanity. The year-god’s daughter has reached the seventh labyrinth, the final circle promised by Athene 4000 years ago.

All her past incarnations return to her consciousness.

I invite you to view the book trailer for When the Moon Whispers on Youtube.

I have other book trailers there too, at Stories by Lochlann.

This story is big, so I split the paperbacks into two books, or Chronicles.

The digital version, however, is complete in one file. It contains both parts.

Cover to the Second Chronicle, Book Eight

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