The Volcano


Photo of Eyjafjallajokull created by and property of Peter Vancoillie @ Used by permission

There are many books written on the famous Santorini volcano, which erupted in the Bronze Age. Unearthing Atlantis, by Charles Pellegrino, was the main resource I used.

I communicated with Mr. Pellegrino on several occasions to ask for clarification on various details.

Here is what he said about the death clouds:

“About half of Crete was essentially destroyed by the death clouds. Probably with snake heads effects included. Egypt probably experienced huge pieces of pumice (found) falling from the stratosphere, still semi-molten glass froth inside, frozen on the outside. I’d expect similar results to the Bikini underwater bomb test, in which huge chunks of ice also fell very quickly out of the stratosphere (into which water had been hurled), possibly arriving even ahead of the surge clouds.”

I asked for further clarification on the “snake head effects:”

“I might have mentioned it in reference to the St. Pierre disaster of 1902, aboard the Roraima. Also in Return to Sodom and Gomorrah (RE Theogony) and GOV. It refers to an insulated stream of superheated ash and air that travels insulated within the surge cloud. In Pompeii this is seen in the approximately 7:30 AM surge cloud level – which ran through the House of Menander, through the House of the Snake Heads Effect, toward the Garden of the Fugitives. The same effect ran eastward along Vessey Street in New York – from the North Tower collapse column on 9-11. It incinerated all cars on the north side of Vessey all the way to Broadway and the front of St Paul’s Chapel – – and this was in fact what ignited the Vessey side of Tower Seven.”

Until the discovery of “super volcanoes,” the eruption of Callisti, or Thera, or Santorini, whatever name you wish to use, was considered by most experts to be the worst, most destructive volcanic eruption in the history of our world. It would have made Tambora look small. Yet all the latest evidence shows that Crete did slowly recover from this devastating event. It wasn’t the volcano that brought an end to the Cretan civilization.

I explore one possibility for what did.

What do you think?

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