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Selene, princess of Phrygia

Selene, creamy-haired daughter to a queen in the faraway land of Phrygia, is given to the queen of Crete as a mentor and teacher for Iphiboë.

She initially dismisses Aridela as “too small and fragile” to be trained; besides, Aridela is destined to live out her life with the priestesses, and will have little need of military skills. Aridela’s tenacity soon changes her mind, however, and she ends up taking both girls under her wing. The three become inseparable, which is a very good thing, as Athene has a far more important role in mind for the Amazon warrior from Phrygia.

Selene is intensely loyal to Aridela. She has always struck me as a kind of “Samwise Gamgee” character. She never falters. She never thinks twice, or puts her needs above her queen’s. She will die, willingly, for the sake of those she loves.

After many years of holding herself apart from men, she does fall in love. And this is what, finally, could change her other, long-cherished relationships. Who will she end up giving her trust to? Who will receive her ultimate loyalty?

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