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Book Giveaway at Goodreads

Thank you to everyone who entered the Goodreads giveaway for my upcoming book, The Thinara King.

Readers from the United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia entered!

This is the second book in my Child of the Erinyes series, and P.S.: this book should appeal to men more than Book #1.


Goddess Athene’s white-hot rage incinerates Callisti and inflames the seas. Crete is left in ruins.

Chrysaleon of Mycenae inherits the crown of an annihilated world.

As death looms closer, he stumbles upon an ancient prophecy foretelling the rise of the Thinara King. This ruler will possess unimaginable power and upend sacred traditions. Commandeering the title could save his life. But it could also destroy everything he has fought to achieve, and create an easy path for the brother he hates to step in and steal it all.

Will love transform him, or will he betray Aridela and defy the obligation of the labyrinth?

The epic Bronze Age tale continues as Athene tests her champions

beyond endurance,

beyond rescue,

beyond salvation.


Pop on over HERE to read an excerpt!

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