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Helice, queen of Crete (Kaphtor)

Clytemnestra, by John Collier: see below for attribution

In her heyday, Helice commanded respect and awe to an extent almost level with that of the Pharaoh of Egypt. In fact, she calls Pharaoh her friend, along with other rulers, kings, queens, and leaders, including the arrogant Idómeneus, king of Mycenae, father to both Chrysaleon and Menoetius.

But now her health is failing. Still a young woman by today’s standards, she is wasting away with some unknown disease. Her royal healer cannot find the proper combination of herbs or concoctions to reverse the problem.

Helice, ever the pragmatist, decides to put her eldest daughter on the throne. Iphiboë will step up before Helice becomes too weak to help her.

Queen Helice refuses to accept what everyone else knows. Iphiboë doesn’t possess the strength of will to rule as queen over this powerful society.

The mainland kingdoms sense this as well.










“Clytemnestra1” by John Collier – Transferred from en.wikipedia. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons –


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