The prophecies

Crete’s prophetesses and their prophecies



Who lived thousands of years ago, when Kaphtor’s olive trees first bore enough fruit to make trade with other countries possible. Themiste says her prophecies were written “as many years ago as there are stars in the sky.”

  • “Watch for the birth of a child after a long period of prosperity and peace. This birth will be marked by lightning, which will cause the destruction of a sacred place.”
  • “Should this child survive, she will be made blind and deaf to earthly things. All that seems evil to others will appear innocent to her. She will see only what the Mother wants her to see. This holy child will follow a path of deep shadow to unlock the secrets of the moon.”


Who lived in the age of Themiste’s grandmother:

  • “A lion and a bull appear in my visions. This lion must bare his throat and consent to his destruction. The bull must consume the lion. The moon and stars will then return to the egg and the bull will repair the egg with his divine seed. One more completes the triad. A child will spring from the loins of Velchanos, god of lightning, her celestial brother. Without her, all will fail.”
  • “Mortals forsake the Lady. She fights to win back what she has lost, but must give her champions free will: if any of her triad refuses or abandons their calling, every civilization will perish in conflict and fire. If three become two, all the world will be reborn to the bountiful Mistress of Many Names, and the vine will again bear fruit.”
  • “The child must rise up from the intoxication in which she willingly drowns. If she becomes pure, utterly clear, the thinara king and his disciples will give her their allegiance. If she does not, every living thing will languish and the end will come.”


Who lived over three hundred years prior to Themiste and her society:

  • “He of one father but two mothers will grow to dominion in a foreign land—one split into two, gold and obsidian. The universal egg will crack. All that is sacred will spill and be lost. Lion and bull, they are forged.”


Bull-king and mortal father of Aridela:

  • “Betrayal cannot birth from nothing. It weaves backward and forward, into and out of the thread of life and death, of faith and love, of envy and desire. This future will only come to pass if the child is first deceived by those to whom she gives her trust.”
  • “Aridela and her sister are as one. Iphiboë must open the path, so Aridela can walk alone into the dark.”


 “Lion of gold from over the sea
Destroy the black bull, shake the earth free
Curse the god, crush the fold,
pull down the stars as seers foretold.
Isle of cloud, Moon’s stronghold,
See your death come
In spears of gold.”


  • I have lived many lives since the beginning, and so shall thee. I have been given many names and many faces. So shall thee, and thou wilt follow me from reverence and worship into obscurity. In an unbroken line wilt thee return, my daughter. Thou shall be called Eamhair of the sea, who brings them closer, and Shashi, sacrificed to deify man. Thy names are Caparina, Lilith and the sorrowful Morrigan, who drives them far apart. Thou wilt step upon the earth seven times, far into the veiled future; seven labyrinths shall thee wander, lost, and thou too wilt forget me. Suffering and despair shall be thy nourishment. Misery shall poison thy blood; thou wilt breathe the air of slavery, for as long as thou art blinded. For thou art the earth, blessed and eternal, yet thou shall be pierced, defiled, broken and wounded, even as I have been. Thou wilt generate inexhaustible adoration and contempt; until these opposites are united, all will strangle within the void.


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