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Complete Tales of Da Yoopernatural: PD Allen

Complete Tales of Da Yoopernatural

I was simply blown away by these stories.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to do justice to PD Allen’s Complete Tales of the Yoopernatural. I had no idea what to expect because I’m not familiar with that area (Michigan’s Upper Peninsula/the Huron Mountains) or the mythologies of that area. I didn’t even know it had mythologies.

Never again will I hear of the Huron Mountains and not think of this book, or of the pathways to other worlds that exist within them.

Tales of the Yoopernatural (Don’t be fooled. If you’re not familiar with “yooper” you might think these are comedic stories–not so–) lands right up there in the top 2% of all the books I have ever read for creating such vivid mental images as I read, that captivated me so completely, and took me into other worlds. I didn’t think I could like any of the stories more than “The Secret Life of Trees,” but it happened. I really have no words to express how strongly “Afraid of the Dark” affected me, or how original I thought it. It would make a fantastic movie. In every story, PD Allen takes the reader, step by step, further and further into his world. It’s at times creepy, scary, awesome, inspiring, and terrible. At times it is glorious. It makes one look at our world differently.

For many days after reading “Afraid of the Dark,” it came back to me at odd unexpected moments, while at work or doing other things. I could see every detail so vividly it was like I had lived the experience myself. It is truly a masterpiece. It has forever changed the way I will go into caves, which is a favorite past time.

And, upon finishing “A Killer’s Pride,” I would have to say the same thing about it. This one was so disturbing there were moments when I thought I couldn’t finish it. But I did. It is profound, dark, horrifying, and will stay with me as much as the other stories: maybe more.

Through them all there is the continuing thread of Grandmother Rena Twoshadows, an Ojibwa wise woman, and, very distantly, Rena’s granddaughter, Rene. Stephen, Rene’s brother, has the lead role in “A Killer’s Pride,” and when I came to the end of this wonderful book of stories, I thought “I wish there were more. And I wish there were some with Rene.” Sure enough, at the end the author gives us a preview of his book “Fiddlesticks,” and he shares that Stephen and Rene are both featured in it. You can bet I’ll be checking that out.

Where are the world’s new stories, new myths? It seems like none are being created anymore. Those that have survived the passage of time linger on in our souls, but where are the new ones?

Highly recommended to anyone who loves unique stories, who isn’t afraid of dark reality and some horror, and those who simply want to be amazed by a storyteller’s gifts. Click on the book cover to go to its Amazon page.

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