Lance Ganey & Eve Ventrue

Graphic Artists Extraordinaire…….

Lance Ganey

Lance designed my first three covers for the Bronze Age segment of the series. Click here to connect with Lance.


He also designed Aridela’s necklace. Here’s the original:

necklace-transp2a.png        Recently I added a spot of color for the newer e-readers:





Eve Ventrue

Eve provided the compelling images for the middle three books. Click HERE to sample her work and connect with her.

Here are snapshots of her originals:

With such gorgeous base images, the work to make them represent the characters in their stories was easy. The image of Lilith in The Moon Casts a Spell had to become a bit more modest, since the story is set in 1850s Scotland, and her irises needed to be darkened to match Lilith’s (Aridela’s) eye color. The skin was sublime, giving the impression of moonlight.

Aodhàn Mackinnon, who plays a central part in both The Moon Casts a Spell and The Sixth Labyrinth, was a young man in the first story and aged to 43 in the second. For the cover of The Sixth Labyrinth, we worked to weather him a bit. It might not be so easy to see in a small image, but there’s a lot of grey threaded into that hair, which we darkened to match the character. He already had the suggestion of lines around the eyes, so we didn’t have to do anything there. We did “green” up his eyes: that’s Chrysaleon’s signature, the one thing that doesn’t change from life to life.

Finally, for the Falcon Blue cover, we manipulated (just a bit!) the base image of Eve’s gorgeous warrior. The reincarnated Menoetius appears here as Cailean, who has some pretty high connections and the loyalty of a wolf. There’s a reason his eyes are so glowy-blue, but you’ll have to read the story to find out why.

We’re already working on the cover for When the Moon Whispers, Book Seven of the series. Stay tuned.

Snapshots of the middle three paperback covers:




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