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Xenofreak Nation: Melissa Conway

Xenofreak Nation Book One

Xenofreak Nation Book One

This is one of the most imaginative and unique books I have ever read. It is as strange as if it takes place on another planet yet disturbingly familiar, because it takes place right here, in one possible future.

It’s not that hard for me to believe something like this society in our future, because I’ve observed so much change in the way people see themselves and others, and the ever-increasing transformative ways people choose to decorate and display themselves to the world.

I don’t want to offer any spoilers. If you want to read something like you’ve never read before, this is it. I guess in some ways it did remind me of the movie Bladerunner, just a bit, but it is appropriate for YA readers.

The fact that this is “book one” makes me very happy. The two main protagonists are intriguing and sympathetic, both thrown into situations they would probably rather have avoided. I will read the sequel as soon as it becomes available.

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